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Our Services

True to our vision, we strive to be the leading experts in water treatment, filtration and renewable resources.

Through our knowledge, experience and market leading products we can offer you a wide range of services to support your clean water needs, all across Europe, in a professional and most importantly reliable manner.

We will support you in every step of the way and offer you services can trust.

  • De-Ionisation Columns
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Water Treatment

Water Softener facilities

De-ionisation columns ( made to order )

Desalination / Reverse Osmosis

Water treatment / cleaning systems

  • UV 

  • fully automated dosage pumps

  • chlorine gas and more 

Open / Closed cooling and heating system protection

Industrial Filtration

  • Sand Filters / Active Carbon filters

  • Iron and Manganese removal

  • Self cleaning / Basket filters

  • Cartridge Filters of all size and specifications

  • Membrane filters for disinfection and stabilisation

Swimming Pools

With over 20 years in the swimming pool market, we offer support during the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of all swimming pools.

We also offer:

  • Endless Pools

  • Robotic Maintenance Systems

  • Bulk Chemicals

  • Specialised swimming pool cleaning equipment

  • (UV,gas,ozone)

Filterdyn Bespoke Solutions

Filterdyn engineers and designers are eagerly awaiting your next challenge!

Have a look at our previous projects to get an idea of what we can achieve and then get in touch.

Our skill set includes:

  • Electronics Mechatronics Fluid/CFD Studies

  • Renewable Resources ( Wind, solar , tidal )

  • Automation

  • Process Improvements

  • Specialist equipement Maintenance

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