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Our Vision

Filterdyn started in 1990 with a vision to be:

"The standard in water treatment and renewable resources,for a sustainable future"

where water and energy are abundant and accessible to everybody.

Our Values

Over the past 30 years, Filterdyn is the most trusted and dependable companion of the industry by providing personalised services,tailored to your requirements. Our team is here not only to understand your needs but to surpass your expectations.

Our Promise

With our industrial expertisetechnological knowledge and quality materials we promise to help you tackle every challenge,no matter how big or small, offering best in class and most importantly, proven water treatment solutions that you can trust.

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Every project, no matter how big or small, is unique, like our customers.We listen to you, not our sales department with only one aim, to always make you feel special.

"Every option, quote and project is tailored to your needs."


For over 30 years Filterdyn has been a trusted partner,with a professional ethic and services that you can rely on, consistently delivering quality projects and materials.

"You can count on us to deliver when you need us the most."

your Expectations

Your expectations are just the beginning.Our multi faceted approach with our industrial expertise, knowledge and materials help not to just satisfy but delight, going beyond expectations every time

"Your expectations, our challenges.

It's in our DNA."

Case Studies / Projects