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  • De-Ionisation Columns
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De Ionization Services

Deionization columns have the ability to produce high quality water at a low cost. The units are free-flowing, easy to use and produce pionized water <1μS, (always in combination with the quality of the inlet water) immediately after their connection to some provision.

Our company can offer a full range of deionized water columns of mixed ion exchange resin with competitive prices and our world class quality assurance.​

We offfer:

  • Free Flow mixed bed columns

  • Pressure columns (<10bar) with conductivity meters

  • Semi Automatic and fully integrated systems from 25 to 1200 Lt/ per column

When the unit is saturated, our company undertakes its replacement within 48 hours.

Each unit is meticulously checked for the quality of the production water and it is written on this date of its regeneration so that you always have the best possible quality.

We also  have the ability to regenerate deionized water columns even if they haven't been purchased / designed by our company.

The results of the table are calculated with 500ppm CaCO3 inlet water TDS

The "FD" series deionizers are made of non-toxic materials that can withstand long-term use. Contains mixed type ion exchange resin enriched with color (INDEX)

Conditions that affect the performance of the Deionizer are:

  • • Hardness of Inlet water

  • • Hourly supply

  • • Residual Chlorine,

  • Water Turbidity,

  • Organic Impurities

Column Instructions / Best Practices

Our deionization columns have the capacity to produce clean water  with a relative low cost.

It should be highlighted that increased feed pressure can damage the column and reduce the output quality.

Therefore our highly qualified team of experts should be consulted before any changes to input/output take place.

CAUTION: The columns should not be used with 2bar> pressure or their integrity can be compromised.

Our columns are designed to be operated with free flow of water so connections of 3> meters should be avoided along with any attempts at pressure increase at the outlet.

Further water treatment should only take place prior to the column connection.


Water Hammers should be avoided

(Exercise caution when opening/closing)

Columns should not be used where excess chlorine concertation is detected (<0.8ppm)

Column environment should be regulated


Temperature: (10-35c)

Position: Away from Windows

UV Exposure: Not Advised

Humidity: Required

Ion exchange can result in bed shrinkage by up to 1/30.

Columns should be used regularly to ensure optimum results

Sudden Opening/Closing can result in a pressure build up and cause irrepairable damage to the column.

Carbon Pre-treatment is recommended since Chlorine can drastically reduce the lifetime of the column.

UV exposure and high temperature can drastically reduce the performance of the bed. The columns should always remain humid to avoid unpleasant odours.

Any further reductions should be thoroughly investigated ( high pressure / reduced granularity / high output )

Prolonged periods of inoperability can drastically increase the EC Values of the output and ruin the resin.

All our columns are thoroughly checked using the Filterdyn 7 step quality monitor so that you can always rest assured that the product you receive is world class.

We can also service/regenerate columns with similar specifications from a variety of vendors 

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