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Reverse Osmosis has the ability to remove contaminants and provide clean water by using pressure to pass water through a semi permeable membrane.

A detailed overview of the process can be found here.

Our company offers a full range of bespoke reverse osmosis installations with very competitive prices and lead times.

Our products are designed for:

  • Tap water (Up to 1200μS)

  • Brackish water

  • Sea water


You can rest assured that the end product will be tailored to your needs and not made from whatever is left in our warehouse.

Τα προϊόντα μας

Every unit is assembled at our facility in Athens, Greece, with parts from sector leading companies (Grundig, CSM etc) and tested to ensure optimum performance. 

We have the ability to repair/maintain reverse osmosis installations even if they haven't been purchased / designed by our company and can also upgrade them to suit your needs.


Our Reverse Osmosis installations are covered with a two year guarantee.

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While reverse osmosis is a highly cost effective solution, with the use of pre and post treatment, the costs can be drastically reduced.

With our 30 year expertise, these solutions are easy for us to implement and can provide effortless energy recovery or automation.

Please do get in touch to discuss how we can improve your current installation, even if it is not designed by us.


CAUTION: Regular checks should be employed to ensure the fault free use of the equipment

Τα προϊόντα μας

We offer consumable products for the most common Reverse Osmosis treatment methods such as:

  • Active Carbon Filters

  • Cartridge Filters

  • Dosage Pumps

  • Micro computers - PLC

Τα προϊόντα μας

Prevent scale formation and membrane fouling

Reverse Osmosis Membranes should be regularly cleaned

Permeate recycling is recommended but is not to be used in every situation

Water temperatures must be regulated

A solid pre treatment can increase the life of the membrane by up to 50%,bringing costs down and improving performance.

Depending on the alkalinity of the deposits, different solutions should be used. Cleaning advised every X months.

Permeate recycling is a common method but is dependent on the end product requirement

Thermal correction where the environment is not always maintained is advised and can drastically improve production.

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