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Deionization columns

Our company can offer a full range of deionized water bottles of mixed ion exchange resin, which can produce 600, 1200, 2000Lt until they are exhausted, depending on the requirements of each application. Deionization columns have the ability to produce high quality water at low cost. The units are free flow, simple to use and produce deionized water <1μs, (always in combination with the quality of the inlet water) immediately after connecting to a supply. When the unit is saturated, our company undertakes its replacement within 48 hours.

Each unit is meticulously checked for the quality of production water and it is written on this date of its rebirth so that you always have the best possible quality. We have the ability to regenerate deionized water columns even if they have not been purchased by our company.

The results of the table are calculated with TDS inlet water 500ppm CaCO3 The <<FD>> series deionizers are made of non-toxic materials that can withstand long-term use. Contains mixed type ion exchange resin enriched with color (INDEX)

Conditions that affect the performance of the Deionizer are:

  • Hardness of inlet water

  • Hourly Flow

  • Residual Chlorine

  • water turbidity

  • Organic impurities

Deionization columns have the ability to produce high quality water at low cost. The larger flow than expected will result in deterioration of the outlet water quality, friction in the mattress & possibly breaking of the column. The user should comply with the instructions of our company and in case of doubt to contact the technical department. Each column, during its production, is tested at a hydraulic pressure of 2.5 Atm.


Avoid the Hydraulic Shock, (sudden opening - closing of valves, etc.) that causes the bottle to break

It is forbidden to use them in water (pre-treatment with activated carbon) because the life of

with a large amount the resin is significantly reduced.

of residual chlorine <0.8 ppm

The column should be period of time without its exhaustin

placed away from column capacity. You should also on

high temperatures permanent base the layer of resin, to

retains some moisture. The absence

moisture in the charged resin is likely to

causes an unpleasant odor.

Exhaustion of the resin layer also Higher percentage is not justified and will

causes some shrinkage the causes of resin loss should be investigated

by volume 1/30 Max. (high flow - high pressure - friction and

resin loss, etc.)

Avoid long periods of time Possible damage to the resin and noticeable

without using the column. reduction in ion exchange (large

conductivity at the output).

Each device is checked for the quality of the produced water and on it the date of rebirth is also recorded

To protect the units, our company has the ability to supply suspension filters and Activated Carbon

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